Diocese of Swansea and Brecon - Church in Wales
Parish of Llansamlet

St. Samlet's Church, Llansamlet.

St. John's Church, Birchgrove.

St. Paul's Church, Glais


We are a lively and friendly parish on the outskirts of Swansea. Our parish serves Llansamlet, Birchgrove and Glais and offers a warm welcome to everyone


Christmas Services

December 2016

  Tuesday 13th 11:30am St.Paul's - Eucharist followed by Christmas Lunch in the Globe
  Sunday 18th 10.30am St. Samlet's - Nativity Service
    3:00pm St. Samlet's - Afternoon Sunday School Nativity
    5:00pm St. Samlet's - On Call Christmas Party
  Monday 19th 7:00pm St. Samlet's - Choir Carol Concert
  Saturday 24th
Christmas Eve
2:00pm St. Paul's - Christingle
    3:30pm St. John's - Christingle
    5:00pm St. Samlet's - Family Eucharist
    10:00pm St. Samlet's - Midnight Mass
  Sunday 25th
Christmas Day
10:00pm St. Samlet's - Eucharist

Regular Weekly Services and Events

  1st and 3rd Sundays 9.30 Sung Eucharist at St.John's Church Birchgrove.
    10.30Sung Eucharist and Sunday School at St. samlet's Church, Llansamlet
   2.30Afternoon Sunday School at St. Samlet's
  2nd and 4th Sunday  9.30 Service at St. Paul's Glais
  5th Sunday 10.30 Sung Eucharist and Sunday School at St. samlet's Church, Llansamlet
    2.30 Afternoon Sunday School at St. Samlet's
  Mondays7.00Senior Choir Practice at St. Samlet's
  Wednesdays10.30 Eucharist and coffee morning at St. Samlet's
    1.00 Crafts and Hobbies Club at St. John's
  Thursdays 9.30-11.25 Playgroup for children from 2yrs old. Leave your child for constructive play and socialising. £5.00 per child.
  Saturday 10.00am Surgery at St. Samlet's (to book weddings, Christenings etc.)
Special Services and Events

December 2016

See "Christmas Services" opposite.